Top 5 Best Engine Oil Additives for Noise (Quiet Your Vehicle)

Just like our pets need a little attention and care once in a while, so do our car engines. This is to ensure that they offer us the best service. Having the most stable car trash can will not do that but rather the best engine oil additive for noise.

Most often we ignore that little noise in our engines. We assume that it will go away by itself which most certainly does not happen.

Engine noise (ticking noise) usually comes from valve lifters or connecting rods hitting the crank shaft (due to worn out connecting rod bearings).

There are two types of lifters in the engine and hydraulic lifters are more prone to making a ticking noise than mechanical lifters. Depending on the area affected, one has to chose the engine oil additive correctly. For example Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive is more ideal for noisy lifters (it makes oil less thicker) while Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is more ideal for rod bearings (thickens oil).

A noisy engine is an indicator that there is a problem under your hood that needs to be checked which is mostly lifters. It can also cause lack of focus during your rides. This can actually lead you to not only not enjoy your ride but can also lead to accidents due to distraction.

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The solution to a noisy engine is to buy the best engine oil additive for noise. An engine oil additive basically improves the performance of your lubricants base oil.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Engine Oil Additives

As you buy engine oil additives remember to check on a few factors such as;

  • Viscosity
  • Ingredients
  • miles per gallon (MPG) improvement
  • compatibility

Comparison Table For Top Engine Oil Additives

Engine Oil AdditiveImageQuantity (Per Container) Engine CompatibilityAreas of ActionPrice
Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter AdditiveLiqui Moly Engine Oil Additive best engine oil additive for noise300 mLGasoline, DieselLiftersCheck Price on Amazon
Archoil AR9100 Oil AdditiveBest Engine Oil Additive for Noise16 oz.Gasoline, DieselLiftersCheck Price on Amazon
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer32 oz.Gasoline, DieselConnecting Rod BearingsCheck Price on Amazon
Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil32 oz.Gasoline, DieselLiftersCheck Price on Amazon
REV X Stiction Fix Oil TreatmentTop ENgine Oil Additive For Noisy Lifters4 fl. oz.DieselInjectorsCheck Price on Amazon

Best Engine Oil Additives for Noise

In this analysis, we will help you to narrow down your choice by highlighting some of the best engine oil additives for noise control.

1. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive – Best Engine Oil Additive For Noise

After hours and hours of analysis, this was to be the best engine oil for noise coming from lifters. It can be added to your oil at any time.

Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive prevents noise that comes from your cars hydro tappet. This ensures the optimal performance of your engine. It’s a versatile additive hence suitable for all oils in both gasoline and diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filter (DPF).

It has also been safely tested with turbochargers and catalytic converters. However, it should not be used in motorcycles that have wet clutches.

Each Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive can’s contents (300 mL /10 Oz) can be adequately used for a maximum 6 litres of motor oil. This means if your engine uses 4 L of engine oil, you just need 6.7 Oz of oil.

Being one of the best engine oil additives, Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive easily and quickly cleans the lubrication holes and the ducts in the engines oil circuit.

It works by making engine oil lesser thicker. If you are sure you vehicle is produced noise from the lifters, this is the lifter noise additive.

Liqui Moly hydraulic lifter additive has no adverse effects hence it’s safe to use to help reduce the wear and tear of the engine components.

You can check the current price of Liqui Moly Engine Oil Additive on Amazon here.

Liqui Moly Engine Oil Additive best engine oil additive for noisePros

  • Reduces the hydro tappet noise
  • Safe to use
  • Enhances engines longevity
  • Improves gas mileage and performance
  • Quite affordable
  • Increases comfort of travelling


  • It has light viscosity

2. Archoil AR9100 Oil AdditiveFor Noisy Lifters

This is the second best engine oil additive for noise and top rated in our list. This is so for various reasons.  It works in all gasoline and diesel powered engines.  This includes common engines such as Cummins, Power Stroke and Duramax.  It also protects the hydraulics, differentials, gearboxes and systems that powers your steering.

Having trouble kick starting your 6.0 and 7.3L PowerStroke engine due to cold weather? Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for all automobiles is your best bet no matter how cold the day is thus protecting your engine. Diesel Power Magazine actually confirms that “Archoil is the real deal!”

If your vehicle is operating under pressure and extreme conditions while carrying a load, this oil ensures that your engine is strongly protected. This is due to the fact that it forms a lubricating film on bordering friction surfaces.

By forming a lubricated boundary on friction surfaces, this oil helps to reduce heat on the engine system. This equates to improved power and efficiency of your engine and overall vehicle.

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive is one of the best engine oil additives for noise for it also ensures no buildup of dirt. It removes built up carbon deposits and sludge from your engine components.

Oxidation occurs during use of car engine. This necessitates constant change of oil which can be costly. The use of Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive extends that oil change duration. It also guarantees that your engine oil does not speedily increase its instability which may cause your engine to degrade faster.

For best results, use Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive at every oil change.


  • Increases the oil change intervalsBest Engine Oil Additive for Noise
  • Reduces engine vibrations and noises.
  • Helps with kick start problems during cold
  • Reduces buildup of dirt


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Its retails in one size only

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3. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer -For Noisy Bearings

This is another best pick in our list for best engine oil additive for noise. It is a purely petroleum product that has been formulated to increase the lubrication ability of motor oils. This has the effect of reducing oil consumption and the operating temperatures.

It is most ideal if the engine noise is coming from the connecting rod bearings which usually happens if the oil used is less thicker than recommended. It works by thickening the engine oil.

If you are probably wondering, will thicker oil stop lifter noise? No, it wont because the thick oil will not pass easily on in the tiny holes that open in the valve lifters. Thus it is important to know where the noise is coming from to know the best type of oil additive.

It does not bias between older engines and newer ones. It blends with all automotive lubricants be they synthetic, mineral based or automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer tops in the heavy-duty industry.

When used together with gear oil, it helps to stops any leakages and wears, increase the oil life and minimize overheating. This contributes to improved life of the engine in general.


  • Pocket friendlyLucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - engine oil additive for noise
  • Controls noise
  • Stops smoking
  • Lowers the temperature of oil
  • Increases the oil life by at least 50%
  • Controls overheating and wear in engine systems
  • Oil consumption is greatly reduced
  • Minimizes dry starts
  • Increases power and miles per gallon


  • It’s very thick and not for cars requiring 5W 30 or lighter oil.

4. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil – Cleans the Engine and System

As with the above best engine oil additives for noise, Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil – 32 oz. fits with both diesel and gas engines. It works with synthetic, conventional as well as 2 & 4 cycle oils.

It not only helps economize your oil usage but also improves the overall performance of your engine. However it’s good to note its best suited for older vehicles than the new ones.

To ensure that Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil completely cleans the engine and system, replace 20% of the engines oil with the Marvel Mystery Oil (MMO). Do this every time you get a chance to change your engine oil to achieve optimum performance

During winter, most engines take time to start. Add a little Marvel Mystery Oil, run the engine and you will not experience the troubles of kick starting your car’s engine. It greatly prevents breakdowns associated with extreme weather conditions.

The more the engine is used, the more it gets a buildup of acid which can corrode and degrade it. Another problem is formation and accumulation of sludge. Added to your engine’s oil, it thus prevents valve-sticking resulting to enhanced traveling experiences.

Marvel Mystery Oil is a good bet if you intend to extend your engine’s life. When you add it to fuel it will improve your mileage because it will help eliminate deposits on carburetor jets and injectors.  You will stop worryi g if thicker oils will make your engine go knocking.

In order to fit different budgets Marvel Mystery Oil is packed in a variety of sizes and myriad of bundles such as single gallon, gallon pack, and bottle multipacks for long term use.


  • Available in a variety of sizes and bundles
  • It is affordable
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Completely cleans your fuel system and engine
  • Helps with winter kick start problems by thinning the oil.
  • Enhances engine lubrication for a smooth start
  • Compatible with many vehicle engines


  • It might a little while to see the economic benefits

5. REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Additive For Noisy Diesel Engines

There has been a stiction issue in diesel fuel injectors in the automotive industry. Stiction is a situation whereby static friction prevents stationary engines from relative motion no matter the outside temperature.

This in effect causes many problems such as excessive use of fuel, difficult to start in cold weather, power loss and on the extreme, engine failure. Rev X is the noisy diesel engine additive.

REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment comes in handy to solve this issue. The buildup in your injectors is dissolved by the additive without use of chemical strippers. No need to replace your HEUI injectors often!

REV X Oil Additive also improves the performance of all types of lubricating fluids worldwide by safely cleaning your oil. This helps reduce friction eventually eliminating high temperature within the engine and system components.

With EPA’s mandate to remove many components like Zinc and Sulfur from engine oils and diesel fuel, REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment fills that gap.

You are guaranteed that the wear and tear of all the treated components will reduce. It extends the service you get from your oils whether mineral based, synthetic, or semi synthetic.

This engine oil additive lowers engine noise as well as eliminating harmful deposits, sludge, and varnish in various types of engines. It minimizes friction by forming a microscopic friction reduction layer on all components that are treated thereby reaching regions regular oils cannot.


  • Quiets the engine whilst removing harmful deposits
  • Increases the horsepowerTop ENgine Oil Additive For Noisy Lifters
  • Improves cold weather start
  • Reduces wear of system components
  • Increases engine performance by reducing temperatures
  • Compatible with all lubricants
  • Have no dangerous additives like acids and graphite
  • Safe for all metals e. exotic or soft


  • It is a bit expensive
  • For diesel engines only
  • Limited sizes available

Tips For Usage Engine Oil Additives in Your Vehicle

  • Always make sure to read the manual that comes from your car’s manufacturer for more details on compatibility.
  • A brand new car may not necessarily need an oil additive injection. But not so if you purchased a used car.
  • Use oil additives that are thinner if your engine has hydraulic valve filters. Very thick oil additives can cause your engine to clutter.
  • Some people usually wonder will synthetic oil quiet noisy lifters? Sometimes they will not and that is why you need the best engine oil additives for noise.
  • Do not replace oil additives for engine oils. Excess smoke emission and engine noise could be an indicator for an injection with an oil additive.
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