Best Off Roading Rims

Equipping your vehicle with good off-road rims is a great investment. Sometimes we tend to go for design and style that satisfy our desires but  overlook the off-road use which leads to problems later.

Great and sturdy rims ensure the vehicle tires work perfectly especially when off-roading. Having good and functional rims will make your adventures smooth and awesome.

You will have no worries to go all way all the way. More so not only adventures even when commuting to your daily errands.

The rims are well designed and made to overcome rough road scenarios such as ditches, rocks, snow, mud, and logs among others. There are also so many off-road rim brands that include Method Race Wheels, Fuel Off-road Wheels, Moto Metal wheels, Pro Camp wheels, and KMC wheels, among others.

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The type of tires you have or want to purchase will also affect a bit the type of rims you want, but again the weight of the vehicle influences a lot.

The greatest task comes when getting and buying the best off-road rim. There are several factors that you can consider. I have highlighted some below.

Factors to Consider while Buying Off Roading Rims

  • Load capacity

It is important to know the load capacity of your vehicle to be able to get the rims that can withstand such type of weight. Aluminum rims are sturdy and strong enough such that they can manage the weight of large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs but steel wheels have a high load rating.

  •  Size of the rim

Size is determined by the diameter and the width of your vehicle’s wheel. The bigger the diameter of the rim will require you to lift your vehicle and if it is too small it might not fit perfectly. To get to know the accurate measurement of the rim you need to check the specifications on the tires and try to match them. The tires too determine the size.

  • Rim finish

There are different types of finish in rims which include: matte, bronze, silver, chrome, and also painted finish. A person who loves mattes might not be a fan of any shiny finish. You can choose which type you want when buying according to your tastes and preferences. Other people go for some finish because of the type of benefits they will get such as a painted finish is prone to corrosion, etc.

  •  Material

Off-road rims come in a variety of materials but there are two main types which are:
Alloy rims
This type of rim is made from aluminum metal which is lightweight. This is an advantage because it tends to improve a vehicle’s gas mileage. They are widely known and you will not have any struggles to get them in the market.
Although they are a bit more expensive than the steel rims they are not strong enough and can be a challenge to use in rocky places. They are more prone to cracking or bending easily if the impact is big.

Steel rims
These types of rims are super affordable and very sturdy. They can cope with any hardship and also can make it through muddy and rocky areas. They are more ideal and functional for off roads but will cost you due to an increase in car gas mileage. Some of the best steel wheels for off-road you can get include Pro Camp steel wheel.

  • Bolt pattern

If you check clearly on the product description the bolt pattern of the rim is indicated. It should be compatible with your vehicle’s bolt pattern and with this, it will be the right fit for your vehicle.

  • Offset

When it comes to rims, this typically means the distance between the mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel. It is categorized into 3 occurrences. There are positive, negative, and zero offsets.

The positive shows that the mounting surface is closer to the street side of the rim and the negative shows it is closer to the inside board of the rim. The zero indicates it is in the same position as the centerline of the rim
Let’s look at some of the best off-road rims.

Our Top Picks: Best Off Roading Rim

Best Overall Offroad Rims: Fuel Assault Rims

When it comes to Fuel Assault off-road wheels, they do not compromise on strength. They have been known for making aggressive and strong wheels since 2009. They are well structured and most trusted for being long lasting.

Best Value Offroad Rims: Moto Metal Rims

Moto Metal is yet another brand that has incredible vehicle rims. They are high quality and elegant. Their rims are fast selling and they are among the bestselling brand. They are also available in different sizes in terms of diameter, width, and also offsets.

Best Budget Offroad Rims: Pro Comp Steel Wheels

With no doubt that having all these features the price is reasonable making them be the best seller in the market. If you are on a budget and still want to get good rims for your vehicle you should consider this brand.

Top 5 Best Off Roading Rims

1. Fuel Assault Rims

When it comes to Fuel Off-road Wheels, they do not compromise on strength. They have been known for making aggressive and strong wheels since 2009. They are well structured and most trusted for being long lasting.

Fuel Assault Rims Best Off roading rims

Fuel Assault Rims come in various sizes from 17″, 18″, and 20″ diameter for various vehicles. A frequently asked question is whether they are any good? Regardless of what you are searching for in the market, these wheels will impress you with the build quality, design and style you are looking for.

Specifications of Assault Rims

  • Rim size 17, 18, and 20 inches
  • Backspace 4.75 inches
  • Rim weight 57 pounds
  • Bolt pattern 6.5 inches
  • Number of bolt holes 8
  • Rim width 12inches
  • Offset 43millimeters
  • Load capacity 250lbs

I was using 20 inch Fuel Assault Offroad Mate Black Wheel Rims on my 2021 Toyota Tundra that I was having for a year. The experience was out of this world. I could rip almost any off-road surface on that truck. 

Fuel Assault Rims on Toyota

Fuel Assault has lots of designs to chose from and if you are looking for something unique you now have the idea of where to start looking. These rims feature lip accents and great spokes that are exceptionally designed.

They are made to overcome any hard experience a driver would go through off-road and are made from a single piece of aerospace alloy aluminum. I remember they were among the top best off-road wheels in 2021.


• High-quality rims
• Lightweight and durable
• Elegant design
• Made from cast aluminum
• Resistant to corrosion


• Expensive
• Above Simulated Beadlock

2. Moto Metal Rims

This is yet another brand that has incredible off-road vehicle rims. Their rims are fast selling and they are also among the bestselling brand. I was having  challenge trying to get rims for my 2022 Ford F250 truck until I bumped into rims from Moto Metal.

Moto Metal Rims / Wheels

Moto Metal are the best off-road rims for F250. I can attest that the styling of these rims makes your car look great. The rims come in a variety of finishes but for me went I went with chrome.

Specifications of Moto Metal Rims

• Rim size 18×10 inches
• Alloy aluminum material
• Bolt pattern 135 mm
• Weighs 36.4 pounds
• Backspace 4.56 inches
• Rim diameter 18 inches
• Rim width 10 inches
• Offset 24
• 8 rim spokes
• Load capacity 2700lbs

They are available in different sizes in terms of diameter, width, and also offsets. I am pretty sure you can find yours that is matching your measurements.
These rims feature a one-piece alloy with non-exposed lug nuts. It is well structured with 8 spokes which is a game-changer on your truck.

They do not only make a vehicle stand out but they will never fail on any off road. Moto Metal has worked on implementing fashionable rims without sacrificing strength.

Off-roading enthusiasts, racers, and other drivers should not worry about bouncing on rough terrain while on these rims.


• Best for racing
• High quality and durable
• Spokes maintain sturdiness
• Looks good and aggressive
• Easy to keep clean
• Great stance


• Some few bending cases have been reported under extreme use

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3. Pro Comp Steel Wheels

These are also top notch rims when it comes to beating the hardships that come with off roads. They are well-built and designed for tough terrains having 10 spokes creates a great impact.

Pro Comp Steel Rims are also made from heavy-duty steel which gives them sturdiness and durability. The large fitment and thicker welds features allow clearance over any any obstacle.

Pro comp steel wheels

The rugged design also makes them outshine other rims which make trucks, SUVs and most vehicles satisfy their need. I have also seen some jeep owners review how they worked great for them over several years.

Specifications of Pro Comp Steel Wheels

• Backspace 4.25
• Alloy steel material
• Rim weight 18 pounds
• Rim diameter 15, 16, and 17 inches
• Rim width 9 inches
• Bolt pattern 5 inches
• Load capacity 2200lbs
• Offset 19mm

These wheels are manufactured in USA. Beyond any reasonable doubt, these rims are the best because despite having all these features the price is very reasonable.

If you are on a tight budget, you can consider this Pro Comp Steel Wheels especially the Rock Crawler Series 97.  We were previously using these hot wheels on the Jeep Wrangler.

Pro Comp steel wheels on Jeep Wrangler

The finish is either matte or gloss but again it is long-lasting.


• Heavy-duty steel
• Excellent finish
• Prone to easy damage
• Less expensive
• Helps the tire snugger on ground


• They are not compatible with oversize brake calipers

4. RockTrix RT105 Rims

This is yet another brand of rims that will make your Jeep do its business any off-road. The rims are well made and specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler JK and Jeep Gladiator JT.

RockTrix RT105 Rims

We have been using RockTrix RT105 17 Inch Wheels on our dad’s 2017 Jeep Wrangler without any problem plus a very good off-road experience. They are also compatible with Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander, among other types of vehicles including ATV sizes.



Specifications of RockTrix RT105 Wheels

• Load capacity 2200lbs
• Backspace 4.5 inches
• Offset 12 millimeters
• Bolt pattern 5x5inches
• Weighs 27.4 pounds
• Rim diameter 12, 17 inches
• Rim diameter 9inches
• Matte finish

RockTrix RT105 come with a diameter of 17 inches and with 12mm negative or positive offset is the actual fit for a jeep. For easy installation, your lug nuts must be conical if you want to use these rims.

The rims are well designed and made with a 5v spoke inside that is very rigid. They are also well structured and engineered to withstand any tough trails and terrains. I can vote for them and recommend them as the best off-road wheels for a jeep.

RockTrix RT105 Rims on Jeep

They are constructed from one-piece cast aluminum and have matte bronze and matte black finish which you can choose from depending on preferences. They both feature a clear coat that protects them from harsh weather elements and also resistant to any corrosion.


• Durable and rigid
• Free from corrosion
• Good for jeep
• Finish is phenomenal


• Lug nuts are not compatible with some vehicles

5. Method Race 305 Wheels

This rim is one of the top best off roading rims. It is from Method Race Company located in California; they offer great quality vehicle wheels at a good pricing.

Most people are always amused by the price of these wheels considering the unmatched and snatched quality.
Method 305 Wheels Company has been widely known for having the lightest and most durable wheels on the market.

Method Race 305 Wheels

They have majored in maximizing strength while maintaining weight. These rims are made from solid A356 cast aluminum with T6 heated construction.

Specifications of Method Race 305 Wheels

• Weighs 30.4 pounds
• Measures 17×8.5inches and 5×5.5inches
• Backspace 4.75inches
• Rim width size 8.5 inches
• Cast aluminum material
• Load rating 2500lbs
• Bolt pattern 5.5 millimeters
• Size of wheel 17 inches

Method 305 wheels have an outstanding iconic 12 window design enclosed with an embossed Method logo that serves as the center cap. The lip with an undercut simulates a true Beadlock wheel and comes with customized replaceable zinc lip bolts that have a variety of colors.

You can choose your favorite color. They also add aesthetics to the wheels  which has greatly attracted most truck drivers. Either way, they are fine on trucks.


• Price is affordable
• Lightweight and sturdy
• Best for racing and off-road
• Outstanding styling and design
• Very durable


• Replacement of bolts is boring

Closing Remarks

We have clearly outlined some brands that offer very aggressive off-road rims that will boost your confidence to drive overland without any worries. We have just outlined a few good wheels but there are so many of them.

If you want to buy rims for your 4×4 vehicle it is upon you to choose something that suits your tastes and preferences. They vary from the cheapest off-road rims to the most expensive and also in terms of features.

With all that said, get the best off roading rims for your vehicle and they will not only serve you off-road but also on the highway.

Lewis James