Top 6 Car Interior Lights That Flash to Music (Sync and Pulse)

Car Interior LED Lights that flash to music

If you are looking for car interior lights that flash to music for your car interior, look no further. This is an intensive analysis of different LED lights, activated by music, ideal for most cars. They calm and relax the environment for both the passengers and driver and set an awesome feeling.

You can also get multi-colored interior LED lights with ambient lighting similar to a spa or dance club. The lights are activated by music and go along with the rhythm of the music in the car. Therefore, they will make traveling enjoyable and fun for kids and family, creating romance for lovers.

Top Car Interior Lights That Flash to Music

The majority of these car interior lights are very easy to install, and they have multi-color options. You can effortlessly choose the suitable one for your car interior. Here is a list of some of the car interior lights that are activated by music;

  • Govee car interiors LED lights
  • MICTUNING RGB 48 LED lights
  • LEDGlow 4pc Car interior Multi-coloured lighting kit
  • TATUFY 4pc 48 interior car LED lights
  • AMBOTHER car interior LED strip lights
  • MINGER Unifilar 48 car interior LED strip lights

6 Best Car Interior Lights That Flash to Music

1. Govee Car Interior LED Lights

These car interior lights from Govee manufactures have cable tie and screws, waterproof, sync to music, strong adhesive, among other special features. They have upgraded two-line design, connected to the tradition four strips of lights. Here are some of the features of Govee Car Interiors Lights;

  • Music Sensor: Govee LED Lights have an in-built high sensitive microphone. Besides, they have a spectrum with light that changes colors according to the music’s beats in your car.Govee Car Interior LED Lights that sync to music
  • Two- Line Upgraded Designs: They come with two super long wires which are easy to install. They are put beneath the seats, which leaves your car clean and tidy.
  • Quality Materials: The brand was manufactured using quality materials like ABS, which is anti-corrosion and waterproof.
  • Multi-colours: The Govee LED Lights Car Interior has 32 shades of colors and 10 Scene modes. It has an RGB Car LED strip with different tones for selection. You can customize the colors to fit your text and preferences.
  • Safe to Use: They are powered by a car charger equipped with memory function and circuit protection. It’s highly safe for children as it’s extremely low-heat, waterproof, and touchable. Remotes or fashion controllers can easily control it. For safety drive, you can stick the controller near you. Also, you can use an App “Govee Home” to control the LED lightings of your car.
  • Phone App: Has Govee Home phone app for both iOS and Android for controlling colours, brightness level, music and more.

Other essential accessories included in the LED lighting kit are; multi-color remote control, Four SMD SOSO car interior LED strips lights, a car charger, a White IR control box, 30 days money-back guarantee, and 90 days warranty for any damage of the kit.

The shortcomings are the lights are not very bright, and they also don’t have the best adhesion in the market. However, they stay in place for a long time before requiring another adhesive.

You can check the current price or buy Govee Interior Lights on Amazon by click here. 

2. MICTUNING RGB 48 LED Strip Lights

With lots of color options, the under-dash lighting from MICTUNING manufacturers is quite a user- friendly accessory. It has compact- sized and multi-colored glow light kit, making it effortless to find a perfect color to match your car interiors. It is easy to use as it uses the working DC 12V Voltage. Some other features of MICTUNING LED strip lights include;

  • Dual wireless remotes: This makes it easy to regulate the speed, color option, fade, dimming, music functionality, and strobe.MICTITUNG LED Strip Lights that flash to music
  • Music sync: This mode activates the lighting, which follows the music rhythm.
  • Durability: The lights have tightly -sealed caps at each strip end for durability and flexibility.
  • Multi-colored: The RGB LED lighting Kit has various colors for you to choose from to fit your car interiors.
  • Voice-activated function: The car interior lights have in- build voice-activated part, which is also highly sensitive.

However, the MICTUNING LED strip lights are a bit challenging to install since they don’t have instructions. They are also not plug and play kit.

You can check current price or buy MICTUNING LED Strip Lights on Amazon by clicking here. 

3. LEDGlow 4 PC Car Interior Multi-Color Lighting

Inside the tubular structure in the LEDGlow light kit, enclosed are 24 ultras bright SMD LEDs. The kit can be set up under the car seats or in the footwell. It will also work well with the universal fitment help in any vehicle, as long as it possesses12 volt power.

Its features include:

  • Music sync: The lighting kit lights up to the activation of the music. It has three strobing modes and four fading modes in total.LEDGlow 4 PC Car Interior Multi-Color Lighting
  • Easy installation: The lighting kit comes with mounting screws, operation manuals, zip tips, and installation guides, making it easy to operate.
  • Multi-colors: It has multi-colors, which will suit the car interiors.

However, the lights are a bit expensive and not durable compared to the other brands.

You can check the current price or buy LEDGlow Car Interior Lights on Amazon.

4. TATUFY Interior Car LED Lights

From TATUFY manufacturers, these magnificent interior lights are ideal for your car. Some of their features include;

  • Easy control: The lights have both APP compatibility and remote control, making it easy to operate. In other words, in case you misplace the remote, you’ll have the APP option to enjoy nice music and stunning lighting in your car.TATUFY Interior Car LED Lights
  • Multicolors: The lighting kit comes with various colors, where you can choose the ones suitable for your car interiors.
  • Music sync: The lights are activated by the flash of music, which changes along with the music’s rhythm.
  • Price: With unbelievable appealing and affordable prices, this lighting kit is hard for you to ignore.
  • Safety: They are safe and easy to use as the lights use the power from your car.

Other accessories included in the lighting kit are; a car charger, Blue tooth App, and active sound function for smartphones.

You can check the price or grab TATUFY Interior Lights on Amazon.

5. AMBOTHER LED Interior Car Lights

The LED lighting kit from AMBOTHER Company has excellent multi-colored benefits, along with many functional properties. Its operation is easy and powered flawlessly with the help of your car’s DC 12V battery.

Besides, the kit comes with remote control, making it easy to use. However, you will need to point the remote directly to the black receiver box for it to function well. Make sure nothing hinders it.

Some of the features of the AMBOTHER LED lighting kit are;AMBOTHER LED Interior Car Lights

  • Durability: The lighting kit is made of ABS material, which is very strong and durable. It is also waterproof and anti-corrosive.
  • Easy installation: The lighting kit is plug_and_play, making it easy to install. You won’t require any wiring in your car interiors. The design is ultra-thin; hence the lights can be set-up effortlessly within the gap without being exposed.
  • Multi-colors: The interior lighting kit is multi-colored functionality. It includes 16 million colors, two fades, two jumping change, three crossfades, eight strobe flash, and seven gradual changes.
  • Music sync: It comes with an in-build music sensor, which is activated by music. Similarly, it will change with the music beats in your car.

However, the music feature and adhesive are not up to standard.

You can check or grab AMBOTHER LED Strip Lights on Amazon. 

6. MINGER Unifilar Interior LED Lights

The lighting kit from MINGER is a one-line upgraded design. With four strip lights, they are taped using strong adhesive under the seats. It will make your car clean and tidy as it won’t expose them outside. Here are some of its features;MINGER Unifilar Interior LED Lights

  • Easy installation: The lights are easy and safe to install as you won’t need any wiring in your car interiors. The kit comes with a strong adhesive, which is used to tape the lights. Anyone can do it, so it requires no expertise. Besides, it has an in-build infuse, switch, and indicator light on the cigarette lighter plug, which protects the car lights.
  • Easy to control: The LED lighting kit comes with a controller and APP, which are more convenient and fashionable. You’ll be able to change the colors, control the brightness and music mode comfortably.
  • Music sync: It has in-build sensitive microphone functionality, which is activated when the music plays.
  • Multi-colors: The lights have over 16 million colors, so you will be able to choose the colors which suit your car interior.
  • Safety to use: It’s powered by a car charger and a working 12V voltage with memory function and short circuit protection.

You can check reviews or buy MINGER Unifilar Interior LED Lights on Amazon. 

Closing Remarks

For a smooth and fun ride, you will need LED lights for your car interior. They will not only make the drive enjoyable but enhance the moods of the driver and passengers. Almost all the above-LED lights in this review don’t require an outside source of power. Therefore, they will use your car’s internal ability to operate. Similarly, they don’t need any expertise to install, as you can use double-sided tape to stick the lights on your vehicle.

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