How To Make Snow Foam Car Wash (A Step by Step Guide)

There are some obvious tasks that come with a car like having to wash it regularly. It is very important to keep your car clean but the hassle of taking it to the carwash now and then is not interesting. This am here to show you how to make a snow foam car wash.

Getting to know how to wash your SUV, track, or saloon car at the convenience of your home is fantastic and a fun thing to do. You will save some pennies and also have a good time with your car.

Washing a car, especially using a snow foam method,  is one of the best ways of protecting car paint. Sand particles, grime, bird poop, and other types of dirt on a car may contain acidic components that may destroy car paint by reacting or scratching.

What is a Snow Foam Car Wash

Before checking on how to make a snow foam car wash we should understand what this method of using snow foam. Snow foam carwash is a prewash foamy detergent that covers the exterior of the whole car and removes any type of dirt leaving your car sparkling clean and shining after rinsing.

How to make snow foam car wash

This method is very effective than just using water only. The snow foam at least settles on the car for some time giving your car’s body to soak in unlike how water just flows and you have to keep on repeating the same thing.

Snow foam is easier to use as it softens any dirt and road grime, unlike handwashing where you will have to struggle cleaning it away with a wash mitt. It helps also to prevent your car from unnecessary scratches and abrasions that can occur if you are handwashing.

This snow foam method is a walk in a park it saves your time and also energy. It is similar to how you soak your clothes before washing and during the wash it becomes easier because all the dirt is gone.

Let’s see how we can make snow foam carwash at home and quit going to the carwash.

How To Make Snow Foam Car Wash

To make your own snow foam car wash you will need:

  • snow foam car wash soap
  • foam cannon
  • pressure washer
  • 1/4 inch quick disconnect adapter
  • water

Procedure of Making Snow a Foam Car Wash

  1. Prepare your foam cannon by unscrewing the nozzle. I recommend TriNova Foam Cannon because it is well built with brass and 1/4 inch quick disconnect and adjustable nozzle for wide or narrow spray.
  2. Measure and put at least 2 – 4 ounces of snow foam carwash soap into the foam cannon container. I recommend the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap which I normally use for my washes with very good results. You can use different quantities of snow foam soap depending on how much snow foam you want on the car.
  3. Add 16 to 32 ounces of water into the foam cannon container depending on how thick you want your snow foam to be. For dirtier cars I recommend using less water in the container and vice versa.
  4. Close and shake the foam cannon container to mix the soap with water.

If you are wondering how to make snow foam fluid at home instead of buying. Some people also use dishwashing soap plus baking soda for their snow foam car wash.

However, this is not recommended as it may destroy car paint.  Baby hair shampoo or kids bubble gum bath soap are also common since they contain sodium sulfate and Cocamidopropyl betaine which are two major snow foam ingredients.

The later are better than dishwashing soap since they are less harsh on car paint. However, the recommended is the snow foam car wash soap.

Procedure of Cleaning a Car using Snow Foam

  1. Prewash the vehicle using  a pressure washer and plain water. I use KranzleUSA K1122TST Pressure Washer which preforms very well for snow foam.  This process removes loose dirt especially sand particles which could otherwise scratch the car paint when washing. 
  2. Connect the foam cannon to the gun of the pressure washer using a quick disconnect plug. The pressure washer connects to a lance which has a nozzle that draws the snow foam liquid out in a decent fan pattern and due to the pressure that’s how it forms and settles thickly on your car.
  3. Spray your entire car with snow foam and leave for 3 minutes for the foam to disintegrate all the dirt.
  4. Remove the foam cannon from the pressure washer’s gun. You can use different colored snow foam to make a rainbow foam.
  5. Rinse the vehicle with plenty of plain water using the pressure water and nozzle. This removes all the snow foam and dirt from the vehicle which has already broken down under the foam. Remember to spray from the top of the vehicle to the bottom to avoid contaminating areas that have already been rinsed.
  6. Dry the car using a blower to remove the water droplets and stop water spotting

Rainbow snow foam car wash

Snow Foam Car Wash Tips

There are different types of snow foam liquid detergents but they simply deliver the same job. A good snow foam should have a balanced PH so that it doesn’t affect the paint of your car.

Car wash Liquid detergents such as Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap which is among the top  have a neutral PH and give outstanding results. Its dilution ratio should be 9 parts of water to 1 part of it that is 9:1.

To get a thick snow foam put the detergent into the snow foam bottle together with warm water adjust the lance /foam cannon letting the currents mix it up in there. The produces a high foam car wash formulation.

On the foam cannon, it is well indicated how to adjust the valve the plus sign means less foam with more water, and the negative means more foam with less water. It is at this, that you are supposed to be careful to maintain the thickness you need.

What you should know is that the snow form should be thick to the right evenness if it is diluted it won’t stick on your car and it should not be so thick such that it will be difficult to be rinsed off.

How a Pressure Washer Works with a Foam Cannon

The bottle, the snow foam cannon /lance, and the pressures washer actually work together to form a thick snow foam that is required. Using the wrong ratio can also affect the thickness.

If the pressure washer too has low pressure you won’t get the desired result. A good pressure washer with great power should range from 1400 PSI-3200 PSI.

Fix the lance on the bottle’s head and shake the snow foam. The pressure washer should face you and the spray end should face the direction you are facing.

To easier spray, you need a long hose of about 10 meters that can go all around. When you start spraying ensure that your car is a bit dry but not too dry.

When the weather is cool is the preferred time to snow foam your car. If it is sunny the snow foam will start drying off and sticking too fast and when it is raining or if the car is wet the water will wash off or get a runny snow foam.

Then start by spraying the bottom rising to the top this helps you to concentrate well on the bottom which seems to be the dirtiest especially the wheels, the bumper, and what so not.

After 5 minutes start rinsing from top to bottom, just as you can do without a guide. The point is if you start from bottom to top the rinsed dirt will drip on the cleaned parts.

After using the snow foam lance you should rinse it with running water so as snow foam doesn’t clog and it will be difficult to use for you the next time.



Is snow foam carwash important?

Snow foam carwash is very important. It is safer as it reduces the chances of your car getting scratches and is an easier way to clean your car as it slowly breaks the dirt.

Snow foam carwash has now become common since it is very convenient.

Why is my snow foam watery?

If you get to experience note it either you mixed the wrong ratio. Most of the liquid snow foam soaps such as Angel wax, Turtle wax ice snow foam, and Prokleen snow foam, the ratios are well indicated because they are not the same.

It can be tricky for the first time but after the experience, you can get used. Mostly it happens when water exceeds the rationing and again you forget it mixes with the water from the pressure washer thus it becomes less thick.

Is there a difference between shampoo and snow foam?

Both are used in cleaning a car but have different formulations. Snow foam has a strong is cleaning power over shampoo as you don’t need to clean with a wash mitt like the shampoo snow foam removes dirt on its own. Another thing you cannot use is snow foam as a shampoo as it does not work well in a snow lance.

Yet another difference between the two is snow foam is used as a prewash while the shampoo is best used as post-wash.

Closing Remarks

That’s how easily you can make snow foam car wash for your vehicle (s) at the convenience of your home and never go to a carwash. It is a nice experience and an exciting moment watching your car all covered with snow foam knowing how the end results will be.

Protect your car paint by washing regularly following a snow foam pre-wash process. This also protects your vehicle from rusting especially for people who live in areas with salty water on the surface.

Lewis James

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