Top 10 Car Battery Brands in 2023

Nothing is as frustrating as having a spoilt car battery and the car keeps on failing to start. Having to call neighbors or friends to jumpstart a car feels awkward (not to mention the shopping mall) and that is why it is important to know the best car battery brands.

Having a car battery from a top brand means that the product has been tested and positively rated by very many people. This translates to very high chances of getting a high-quality battery that will not fail prematurely.

A car battery will ultimately fail due to normal wear and tear, a good car battery should last for about 3 to 6years. If you have been replacing your battery frequently it is time to revisit your selection criteria, especially the brand.

This also applies if your car battery keeps draining overnight and car won’t start the next day or after sitting for a few days.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Battery

·         Brand – Some manufacturers are known to make more reliable batteries compared to others. It is thus important to consult widely with car mechanics, technicians, and other car owners to know some of the best quality batteries.

·         Size – Different cars fit different types of batteries depending on the physical size in terms of length, width, and height of the battery. The battery size of every car is indicated in the owner’s manual. One can also consult a mechanic, technician, or dealer. The battery should fit in the battery tray to avoid damaging the car or battery.  The good thing is that most battery dealer websites have a filter where one can filter the types of battery depending on their car make, model, and year.

·         Power Rating- Car batteries have an Amp rating known as Cranking Amps (CA) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Cranking Amps (Amperes) is the electrical energy required to start a car at 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Cold Cranking Amps is the energy that is capable of starting a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Batteries with a higher CCA rating are recommended especially for people who live in cold climates.

·         Reserve Capacity – This specification is measured by time (minutes). It shows how long a fully-charged car battery can deliver a current of 25 Amps at an environment that is 80°F before the battery discharges down to 10.5 volts. This feature is very important, especially for people who like listening to music in their vehicle when the engine is off (battery not charging). Also, in case the serpentine belt fails somewhere at night, the reserve capacity will help your battery get your car somewhere safe.

·         Position and Design of Terminals – Different batteries have different types of terminals. The position of the terminals should match that of the car. The positive terminal of the battery should also not touch the metallic part of the car body to prevent an electrical short circuit.

·         Type of battery – There are two main types of car batteries; flooded and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). Flooded batteries sometimes require to be filled with battery water (distilled) whereas AGM batteries are usually maintenance-free and thus more recommended. However, flooded batteries are usually budget-friendly.

The other two major categories of batteries are Deep Cycle and Starting Batteries. Deep Cycle batteries are built to produce a steady amount of current for a longer period and can be discharged or recharged multiple times without any challenges. Starting batteries are designed to produce a big burst of current for a short period especially required during cold starting.

·         Warranty – Most battery brands measure warranty in two figures: Free Replacement Period and Prorated Period. For example; a warranty code that states 24/84 means that the manufacturers will replace the battery for up to a year and prorate (a partial reimbursement) the cost for up to 4 years.

·         Ampere Hour (Ah) – This is the capacity of the battery to store electric charge. A high Ah means that the battery can support a load for a long time without running low on charge, especially when using car accessories such as a radio when the engine is off.

·         Battery Freshness – This is the age of the battery since it was manufactured. Freshness is indicated by a combination of a letter and number on the battery e.g., C/2 which means the battery was manufactured in March 2022. You should avoid buying a battery older than 6 months as some chemical processes have already taken place.

·         Previous Experience – Always consider how a certain brand performed in your car previously. If the brand kept on failing then it would be better to switch to another brand.

From my 13 years of experience as an automotive mechanic technician in Miami, FL, and vehicle owner I have interacted with many car owners facing battery issues and many types of car batteries. That is why I thought it is a good idea to share what I have found to be the top 10 car battery brands

Top 10 Car Battery Brands

1.      Optima Batteries

This brand is one of the best selling due to its reliability, shock resistance, and high performance.  This manufacturer has been making batteries for more than 40 years. They specialize in building power products and their batteries stand out.

I have been using Optima batteries on some of my vehicles for some time now including my 2015 Subaru WRX STI where I have installed Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 REDTOP and it works very well with my 800-watt music system playing for more than 1 hour without any starting issues afterward.

This being race and performance vehicle, Optima has never failed me on the road and the track.

Optima Batteries top 10 car battery brands

Additionally, I have had many clients at my Auto repair shop who use this battery without any problems. The company monitors the production process carefully including quality control.

Optima Batteries Review

Optima batteries are not only unique in their external design (with the unique cylindrical look) but also in internal build. The cylindrical design is what makes them strong and shock-resistant since a cylinder is one of the strongest shapes in the world.

Internally, they are made of OPTIMA Pure Lead which is 99.99% pure lead which is far much better than the traditional lead alloy used by some other manufacturers. This enables the battery to conduct electricity faster enabling it to start vehicles faster.

The Optima batteries also tend to hold the voltages longer with some having a reserve capacity as high as 140 minutes. This is enhanced by the alternating layers of Lead Grid and Glass Mat on the sheets that make the cylinders.

The cylindrical shape also provides a more active electrode surface area of up to 40% more. This produces more power per pound.

Optima batteries are either Deep Cycle or Starting or both features. The differences between the three are easy to recognize because the manufacturer uses 3 different colors on the top from BlueTop, RedTop, and YellowTop Optima Batteries.

If your car is stock, a REDTOP Optima battery is recommended. For a vehicle that is highly electrically modified with such features as a heavy aftermarket stereo, winch, or car alarm, or the car is used at longer intervals (not the daily drive), the YELLOWTOP Optima batteries are recommended as the usage is considered to be the deep cycle. The BLUTOP Optima batteries are designed for Marine/RV applications including extra threaded terminals.

The light gray case batteries Optima Batteries are meant for deep cycle use while the ones with dark grey cases are designed and warrantied for starting applications.

Advantages of Optima Batteries

·         The cylindrical external design which is stronger and shock-resistant

·         Different color codes depending on the use of the battery

·         High-quality Optima Pure Lead for faster discharge of current

·         AGM technology and no spillage

Disadvantages of Optima Batteries

·         A big portion of the support is automated and thus not very user friendly

2.      ODYSSEY Batteries

This is the second-best brand of car batteries due to its superb handling of cold cranking, reliability, and reserve capacity. Most Odyssey batteries are as good as Optima batteries but some weigh a bit more.

These batteries do very well in cold weather and some can crank an engine with temperatures as low as – 40 °F which is impressive. The batteries usually come fully charged.

I personally use an ODYSSEY Performance Battery ODP-AGM35 on my 2012 Mazda 3 which is like my daily drive vehicle. I have had this battery for 3 years now and it has always cranked as new with its high 765A CCA.

Odyssey Car Batteries Top 10 Car Battery Brands

However, the 765 CCA is not the highest figure for Odyssey batteries, they are capable of producing engine cranking pulses exceeding 2250 Amps but for 5 seconds including at low temperatures. This is double or triple what is produced by batteries that are equal in size.

Odyssey Batteries Review

The design of Odyssey batteries enables them to accomplish such staggering numbers. Their flat plates are made from virgin lead with a purity of up to 99.99% and not lead alloy as most batteries.

The plates made of pure lead are usually thinner and thus more are fitted in the battery resulting in more plate surface area. This results in more power which can be as high as 2 times that of the conventional batteries.

This ODP-AGM35 battery has a moderate reserve capacity of 117 minutes which allows me to enjoy my music when taking a break from work without having to start the car to charge the battery.

Odyssey batteries also have very good deep cycle capabilities going up to 400 cycles with a discharge of up to 80%. This means that the batteries can be discharged (almost fully) and recharged up to 400 times before they start developing any issues.

This does not apply most of the time since most car owners do not discharge their car batteries fully which prolongs the battery life even longer giving an average lifespan of 3 – 10 years depending on various factors.

They are also capable of running a winch but is not recommended to push the battery to the limits with this. The recommended batteries for the winch are some select Bosch batteries which are covered below.

Odyssey Batteries are also shock-resistant due to their great external build quality. Some Odyssey Batteries come with metal casings which are suitable for high heat applications.

The outstanding combination of performance and power means that Odyssey batteries are suitable for various applications including but not limited to private cars, marine, LTV/Automotive, Powersports, and commercial.

Advantages of Odyssey Batteries

·         The plates are made of pure lead which results in more power

·         They are smaller and lighter than flooded batteries

·         Usually lasts longer from 3 to 10 years

·         Can do up to 400 recharge cycles

Disadvantages of Odyssey Batteries

·         Some may fail to charge but in very rare cases but warranty covers that

3.      XS Power Batteries

This is another well-built AGM battery brand that is very tolerant to deep discharges which usually happens when the headlights or car music system is left on for a long time when the engine is off.

The majority of the XS Power Batteries are designed for extreme car audio enthusiasts especially those that participate in competitions. They range from about 100 Amp to 3900 Amp and come with an M6 terminal bolt for easy connection.

These AGM batteries can also be mounted in almost any orientation so long as they are not inverted completely. This is possible because they use the acid in solid form.

XS Power Car Batteries Top 10 Car Battery Brands

XS Power Batteries manufacture high quality and performance from 12V to 16V which are also suitable for audio competitions and car racing. The firm has a well-equipped testing lab and also engages accredited external experts and labs to verify the battery ratings.

XS Power Batteries company is a fellow of the Battery Council International (BCI) which requires the participants to test the 16Volts batteries to 16V specifications. This is better than some other competitors who test 16Volt batteries to 12V specifications.

I found out that the design of XS Power batteries enables it to produce more per unit weight as compared to competitors. This translates to more energy density.

By default, XS batteries produce at least 3 times more cranking power than the traditional flooded batteries of the same size.

XS Power used virgin lead acid which makes these batteries last as many as 8 years. Apart from running your racing car, this battery can also be used for other power-hungry applications such as running a 900-Watt inverter when camping or a 3500-watt amp for about 12 hours without breaking a sweat.

The XS Power D3400 XS Series battery is very suitable for car music enthusiasts with thirsty amplifiers and big alternator systems.

 I have run this battery on a 4800W amplifier (FYI, this is abuse because the D3400 batt is rated 3300 amps) connected to a single 5000W team sundown rated 1 ohm plus a 320amp. I use the big 3 and 0 gauge wire around this battery. I have had this system for about 2.5 years now and it still running pretty well without a secondary battery.

The cold cracking power of XS Power batteries is very good with some rated as high as 1000 Amps which is powerful enough for most cold /winter climates.

I have opened up some old XS batteries at my workshop and the grids are thinner than other batteries, this enables them to dissipate more power due to more surface area.

These batteries also have less internal resistance which allows them to be discharged more and still recharge faster. The batteries are shock resistant which is suitable for racing and audio competitions.

You may also read our other guide: How to clean car battery terminals and get rid of corrosion

4.      Bosch Car Batteries

From my years of experience as a mechanic, interaction with motorists, and research; this has emerged as the best car battery brand. Bosch has been manufacturing high-quality and premium car batteries since 1927 when car battery ignition technology was invented. 

Bosch among Top 10 Car Battery Brands

Bosch is a highly reputable company with a variety of products and it does not let motorists down when it comes to reliable car batteries. Its batteries are equipped with top of the industry components and retain charge for a long time.

Bosch Car Batteries Review

This manufacturer portrays unmatched expertise in vehicle electrical systems which enables them to build batteries that can handle modern-day electrical demands from electric windows, AC, music/infotainment systems, airbags, and ABS among others.

Personally, I have been using Bosch S6587B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler which also has a winch. This battery has never failed me not even once in the extreme wild. With 800CCA on this battery versus the conventional 650CCA in most batteries, this is a beast.

Advantages of Bosch Batteries

·         High build quality

·         Most of them have high CCA for cold weather

·         Good customer support

Disadvantages of Bosch Batteries

·         A bit pricey

5.      EverStart Batteries

We cannot mention top car battery brands without mentioning. These batteries have very good performance at an affordable cost.

EverStart Batteries brand


EverStart batteries are manufactured by a company known as Johnson Controls founded in 1885 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition to batteries, they also make vehicle electronics and interior systems. The batteries are available in various stores across the country.

EverStart Batteries Review

The CCA ratings of EverStart batteries are ideal for extreme weather conditions including operating below freezing temperatures. True to their name, these batteries start the vehicle in almost any condition.

Previously, EverStart batteries have won the ‘Third Best Car Battery for Value’ at BestCovery Awards due to their high value at a low cost.

From my experience as an auto technician, I have found EverStart batteries to last anywhere between 2 to 5 years with the top line /premium Maxx battery lasting five or more years. This lifespan depends on the usage of the battery.

EverStart has all types of batteries for cars, SUVs, and Trucks. The batteries come with a 1-year warranty while the Maxx batteries have a 3-year free replacement warranty.

Like all the other AGM batteries, EverStart batteries are maintenance-free.

A standard EverStart battery is rated 122 Ah while the Maxx is rated 114AH. Additionally, the Maxx has 30 percent more cycling capacity.

The standard EverStart batteries have a rating of 585CCAs while the Maxx has 750 CCAs. This is more than enough for most cars which require about 500CCAs under normal conditions.

EverStart is the best battery for car that sits for long due to its deep cycle design and a reserve capacity of up to 110 minutes.

Advantages of EverStart Batteries

·         Good value for money

·         Maintenance-free

·         Operate in extreme weather conditions

Disadvantages of EverStart Batteries

·         Shorter warranty compared to other top brands

The above are the top 5 car battery brands, now let’s look at the other top manufacturers that are worth car battery replacement.

6.      ACDelco Batteries

This is another high-quality brand of car batteries that goes through extensive quality tests to ensure clients will not have any problems with the battery.

They produce AGM batteries that are maintenance-free. ACDelco produces 6 series of batteries that are high quality and affordable.


ACDelco is partly owned by both General Motors (GM) company and Johnson Controls. It is a Middle East Battery Company that also produces vehicle parts for GM.

One thing that is unique about these batteries is that their terminals rarely get corroded and they hold charge pretty well.

ACDelco Batteries Review

ACDelco Batteries perform well for a long time and that is why they are highly rated by a good number of people. If you have been wondering what brand of car battery lasts the longest, it has to be the ACDelco with a lifespan of 6-8 years on average.

These batteries have good deep cycle capabilities and very charge receptive which is ideal for start and stop applications in vehicles. They also have oxygen recombination functionality that minimizes water loss and upholds maintenance-free functionality.

ACDelco gives a full replacement warranty of up to 3 years and 8 Months.

I was using an ACDelco 49AGM battery on my 2021 Dodge Durango before I sold it off late last year. The battery always stood up to the challenge and delivered.

Advantages of ACDelco Batteries

·         Lasts long up to 8 years

·         Vibration and shock resistance

·         Very affordable

·         Maintenance-free

·         Warranty up to 44 months

Disadvantages of ACDelco Batteries

·         Some people have reported some batteries discharging quickly

7.      DieHard Batteries

These batteries are another top brand in America and across the world. This is due to their impeccable build quality and long-lasting lifespan.

DieHard brand

DieHard batteries were originally made by Sears but an acquisition happened in 2019 by Advanced Auto Parts which is an aftermarket parts dealer.  This firm is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina but has more than 5000 stores in both USA and Canada.

DieHard Batteries Review

These batteries have a very good performance and are thus viewed as premium brands. However, these batteries are very affordable.

DieHard is a very outstanding battery brand. The company offers batteries in the following categories; Standard, Gold, Advanced Gold, and Platinum. I have tried and worked with most of these lines and Advanced Gold performs very well in various climatic conditions including extremely cold weather.

These categories of batteries are intended for various types of vehicles. For example, the Platinum model is designed for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Advantages of DieHard Batteries

  • Very durable batteries
  • High build quality
  • They usually last long
  • They have a 3-year warranty

Disadvantages of DieHard Batteries

·         They are not easy to fit for beginners

Platinum model

This is another top car battery brand due to its good features. After using this battery for some time, I realized it works well for a long period.


If you are wondering who makes Duralast batteries, they are from AutoZone which also deals with other auto parts for various brands. However, the original manufacturer is most likely to be Johnson Controls International Plc.

They manufacture batteries for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and SUVs. Duralast Batteries offer some good value for money.

Duralast Batteries Review

Duralast batteries have a good reserve capacity and high CCA which enables them to work in a wide range of temperatures including winter.

The manufacturer produces two main lines which include; Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum. These batteries are very popular among overlanders due to their good reserve capacities.

I have been using a Duralast Gold ETX30LA AGM Battery on my 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter camper van for 1.5 years now. This battery delivers 400CCA and thus am never worried when am camping in cold areas including snow.

This battery always starts my van like a champ. These batteries also do not get discharged easily despite leaving the vehicle stationary for some time. The reserve capacity is as high as 130 minutes.

Duralast batteries have a very good design that ensures reliability, safety, and longevity for the user. Their plate and grid integration design also help in preventing overheating.

They also have Circa tech plates that avert short circuits. The manufacturers also use polypropylene a material that minimizes vibrations which is common with some few brands when battery cells move.

The batteries also have high-quality vent caps which prevent corrosion and leakage for safety reasons. These batteries usually come with a 3-year warranty.

Advantages of Duralast Batteries

·         High build quality

·         A good reserve capacity

·         Ideal safety parameters in the design

·         Long-lasting

Disadvantages of Duralast Batteries

·         A bit pricey

9.      Duracell Car Batteries

This is another effective and good car battery brand plus their maximum power is very impressive. These batteries work well in various conditions.

Without a doubt, Duracell is one of the best car batteries for the money due to the superb design of the batteries and the fact that it comes with good cranking power. This battery is also known for extended battery life.


Duracell car batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. under an exclusive agreement with the main Duracell company. Duracell has been making batteries for more than 100 years leading to perfection in battery technology over the years.

These Duracell batteries are normally sold Sam’s Club Car Battery department. The manufacturers and retailers of Duracell batteries give the battery to customers under a warranty lasting as many as 5 years showing how much they trust their product.

Duracell Car Batteries Review

After interacting with Duracell batteries at our auto repair shop, here are some of the reasons why one ought to consider these batteries. Duracell batteries usually last long while still showing very good performance. Some of my customers have Duracell car batteries older than 6 years.

Duracell batteries have very impeccable cranking power that works in various weather conditions. They also have a good reserve capacity.

These batteries are also priced very well and usually lower than their competitors. These batteries also come in various designs and sizes that fit various vehicles from small cars to large trucks, and SUVs.

One of these batteries I have interacted with on several occasions is the Duracell AGM car battery. This battery has a very good start-stop function, unlike some poor-quality batteries.

It has some non-woven mat that ensures there are no leakages or spills due to electrolyte bonds. The absorbent glass mat design works for both medium-performance and luxury cars.

Duracell batteries usually last longer despite operating in extreme vibrations due to their grid design. This design also results in better conductivity which enhances performance.

Advantages of Duracell Batteries

·         Good grid design which improves the lifespan

·         Minimal gassing and thus suitable for areas with less ventilation

·         Shock resistance

·         Maintenance-free

Disadvantages of Duracell Batteries

·         Not available in many retail outlets including Amazon

10.  Interstate Batteries

These batteries emerged at position 10 in our top car battery brands due to their reliability and affordability.

Most Interstate batteries have very high cold cranking amps some as high as 800 CCAs which is very suitable for varying weather conditions including winter. Their CCAs range from 700 to 1000 which is way above some other brands.


Interstate Batteries are manufactured by Exide Technologies and Brookfield Business Partners. These batteries have been made since 1952. They are marketed and distributed in the United States by the Interstate Battery System of America, Inc.

Interstate Batteries Review

From my experience at the repair shop and research, these batteries have a very sturdy build plus good performance. This has made them highly reputable.

This company makes various lines of batteries from MTX Battery Line, MT Battery Line, AGM, MTP, M, MTZ, Marine, and Marine RV battery lines among others. This means one can find an Interstate battery for any automotive.

Interstate 12V car batteries usually come in 3 capacities which are 35Ah (for small cars), 7Ah ( AGM battery that is maintenance-free plus VRLA technologies), and 110 Ah (a deep cycle AGM battery that is suitable for cars that sit for long or for music systems).

Advantages of Interstate Batteries

·         Good build quality including casing

·         Easy to maintain or a maintenance free

·         Wide range of batteries for various vehicles

·         Slow discharge and long-lasting

·         Fair priced

Disadvantages of Interstate Batteries

·         The warranty is not very clear

·         They recycle batteries which might affect quality in the long run (good for the environment though)

Closing Remarks

The above are the top 10 car battery brands from my experience as an auto mechanic/technician and vehicle owner plus research from other vehicle owners.

These brands stood out from dozens of other brands to be featured in this unbiased review. This means that any battery you chose from the listing above is going to serve you well.

Your choice will depend on your vehicle, location, and other personal preferences. May you have a great motoring experience.

Lewis James

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