Top 10 Car Battery Brands in 2023

Top 10 car battery brands

Nothing is as frustrating as having a spoilt car battery and the car keeps on failing to start. Having to call neighbors or friends to jumpstart a car feels awkward (not to mention the shopping mall) and that is why it is important to know the best car battery brands. Having a car battery from … Read more

Best Solar Wireless Backup Cameras

Best solar wireless backup camera

A backup camera is a great gadget to have in a car. Life with a solar wireless backup camera is even easier because they are very easy to install sometimes taking less than 5 minutes as no wiring is done. A good number of people have embraced their use due to the added safety and … Read more

Best Off Roading Rims

Best off roading rims

Equipping your vehicle with good off-road rims is a great investment. Sometimes we tend to go for design and style that satisfy our desires but  overlook the off-road use which leads to problems later. Great and sturdy rims ensure the vehicle tires work perfectly especially when off-roading. Having good and functional rims will make your … Read more