Top 8 Cool Car Sun Shades (Keep it Unheated and Elegant)

We all know how important sun shades are not only in one’s car but also in other places. Cool car sun shades never go wrong more to those people who love it when their vehicles look elegant.

Sun rays are so irritating at times and this makes it worse if your car has been packed directly under the sun. If you are still wondering if car sun shades really work, you can read our research here.

Have you ever imagined driving to any place while sweaty or just feeling so uncomfortable because the inside is too hot? This is probably a bad experience. Windshield sun shades came to rescue someone’s life and the auto machine itself.

I bet the use of sunshades is one of the best options to go for when it comes to maintenance of your car. Good news is that they help to increase durability of your car interiors and makes your car look new later years to come.

Having a cool car sun shades is like having a car seat cover for winter. You want to protect things you love.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cool Car Sun Shades

  • Size – this depends with one’s car, because they vary in different sizes and shapes. However, it should at least have ample coverage unto your car. Make sure you measure your windshield in order to get the actual or close to the size you need.
  • Portability- it should be so simple to unfold, fold, unfold, and pack in small spaces since most people prefer to store them in the door pockets of their vehicles. Especially for small cars it can be tiresome moving from the front to the back to keep it.
  • Material –the more thick the material is, the more it works best. Most of them are made of nylon and polyester which are very good at reflecting light and also have good insulating properties in them.
  • Easy to use-they should be easy to unfold, fix and also foldable when packing during each time of use.
  • UV resistance-good level of UV protection is essential because this is what damages your car by causing dashboard cracking and breaching .Not only that meaning you will also not get hurt from high temperatures when you get into your car.

Top Cool Car Sun Shades

mAuto Car Windshield Car Sun shadeTop Cool Car Sun Shade – mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade – This is one of the most elegant and durable sun shades today.

Best Value Sun Shade – A1+ Windshield Sun Shade – This sun shade has a good build quality and priced very well.

Best Budget Car Sun Shade Ezy Shade Sun Shade – This is the cheapest of them all but don’t underestimate it.

Comparison Table for Top Car Sun Shades

Car Sun ShadeImageSizeColourPrice
mAuto Car Windshield SunShademAuto Car Windshield Car Sun shade27.6” x 51.2”Eyes and Reversible Silver$$$$
Check Price
A1+ Windshield Sun ShadeA1+ Windshield Sun Shade7 Sizes for Various CarsSilver$$$$
Check Price
EcoNour SunShadeEcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade5 Sizes for Various VehiclesBlack and Silver$$$
Check Price
Coveted Shade Extra JumboCoveted Shade Extra Jumbo Car windshield sun shade70.9" x 39.4"Silver$$
Check Price
EzyShade Windshield Sun ShadeEzyShade Windshield Sun ShadesFlexible 2 PieceSilver$
Check Price
Pro Shade Car Sun Shade5 Sizes fits AllSilver$$$
Check Price
Enovoe Car Window Sun Shade25" x 16" Grey$$
Check Price
Road Charms Car Windshield SunshadeRoad Charms70 x 35 "Silver$$
Check Price

Apparently below are some of car sunshades you can acquire for your vehicle.

Top 8 Cool Car Sun Shades

1. mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade – Cool Eyes Design Sunshade for All Cars

After months of testing, this angry eyes car sun shade emerged the top most cool car sun shade. This was mainly due to its elegant, funny design and great build quality.

The eyes just make our car stand out in the crowd especially when camping in the desert. We placed it on an FJ Cruiser, Infiniti G37x, Mercedes GLA 250, Honda Pilot, and Buick Encore where it proved to be a perfect fit.

However, it did not fit very well on a Ford  F-150 despite the manufacturer claiming that it fits all cars. Be sure to check the dimensions of your windshield to ensure they are not wider than 27.6 by 51.2 inches which are the dimensions of the this sunshade. Tends to be smaller for SUVs and Trucks.

mAuto Car Windshield Car Sun shadeIt offers a 99% protection from UV rays thereby protecting the car’s interior dashboard, seats and other accessories while keeping the vehicle cool.

It comes in various eye designs and colors which include angry eyes (black), happy eyes (blue), pretty eyes (pink), nerdy eyes (blue and black), and sleepy eyes (black and blue).

Out of all the designs, the happy eyes was best because the white and blue were more reflective keeping off most of the sun rays keeping the car even cooler. It also shows creases less easily if not handled very well.

The pretty eyes design was found to be affected by creases more easily because it became harder to differentiate the the details from the creases.

The other advantage is that it has reversible silver side which can be used instead of the funny eyes.

This sun shade like most does not last an eternity.


  • Ideal for saloon cars, sedans, and crossovers
  • Ideal size for most cars
  • Cool and funny designs
  • Reversible silver side


  • Not ideal for SUVs and Trucks

2. A1 Windshield Sun Shade – Elegant and Durable

Say no more to cooling your car using AC system, A1 sun shades got you.

It is designed with a two section structure and at the center it is connected with a fabric piece that achieves wonderful fit on the windshield of your car.

The sun shade offers over 99% UV and sun rays protection and this helps to keep your car cool.

With this now you are guaranteed you can instantly get into your car even during sunny days. There are different sizes so no need to worry in case you are driving a huge or small car.

A1+ Windshield Sun ShadePros

  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Fits in very well, does not require sun visors
  • Value for money
  • 99% sun protection
  • Offers maximum coverage on the windshield


  • A bit diificult to get it back to the pouch

3. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade – Best Value

Basied on ou review you can tell EcoNour car sun shade is a deal to hit on. The fact that it comes in one piece is more impressing. It is customized into four different sizes and it is good to measure your car and know the right fitting before purchasing.

It has a shiny side that reflects light and the black side that absorbs the heat .It also spreads very well and occupies a good area. Indeed very useful because it prevents the harmful UV radiation rays from striking your car.

Econour sun shade comes with a small pouch where you twist it a little and store it is designed to be stored in the door pockets of your auto vehicle.


  • EcoNour Car Windshield Sun ShadeVery compact and easy to use
  • Fully covers the windshield
  • One can choose the right size of your car
  • Packed small and thus less space for storage
  • Fast opening


  • Twisting the sunshade when closing is not very easy

4. Coveted Shade Extra Jumbo – Car Windshield Sun Shade

Having this sun shade no need fret about burning steering wheel, scorching dashboards and high temperatures inside your car.

The most thing I love about coveted sun shade is the reflective metallic surface .It is made of good quality material 210T that reflects sun rays away from your car.

Coveted sun shade is designed with two circle rings that encompass all the points of the windshield and an extra fabric between the two circle rings that’s covers the windshield.

It pops up making it very easy and quick to use, more  so it’s easier using the sun visors to make it hold on.


  • Coveted Shade Extra Jumbo Car windshield sunshadeMade of high quality material
  • Easy to fold back, designed into circle rings
  • Protects your car interiors from intense sun rays


  • Stitches around the rings may unravel

 5. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shades – Flexible 2 Piece

Comparing other sunshades I would highly support this is the easiest sun shade to install. Ezy shade sun shades is made from polyester material .it is known to be a good material that reflects 99% of UV rays.

It comes into two identical rectangular shades. You can either install them vertically or horizontally on the windshield according to your wish.

Additionally it comes with a non –slip sticky dashboard mat that holds up your phone and make sure it doesn’t slide when you are driving.


  • Light weight easy to carry along
  • The two shades fits in like it is designed for your car
  • A bonus non-slip sticky dashboard mat
  • Very easy to install and fold it back


  • Weird chemical smell that arises after use

6. Pro Shade Sun Shade – Ideal for Large Vehicles

Don’t risk the damage of your valuable auto car dashboard and other interior devices.

Perhaps you happen to have a black car, or have leather seats am certain that if you get into the car how hot it can feel as ten thousand suns in one. Pro shade is best for vehicles with large windshield, the sun shades fits up to 64 inches wide. The fabric is well designed to protect harmful sun rays and UV radiations.

Trust me, the Pro shade sun shade keeps you and your vehicle protected. It maintains a comfortable temperature in your car throughout the day.


  • Pro Shade Car Sun ShadeFits well in large vehicles
  • Provides wide coverage on to the windshield
  • Very versatile and adjustable
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • It’s a challenge to fit it back to its bag.
  • Not designed to fit in smaller cars.

7. Enovoe Car Window Sun Shade – For Side Windows and Ideal for Babies

Enovoe sun shades come in a pack of 4 measuring 21”x14” inches. They are the best sunshades I have come across. I would recommend this if you are really looking for your families or passengers comfort.

They fit in large windows of SUVs, Minivans and large Sedans .It is very simple to install them on the windows because they have static clingy technology that attaches to it without falling.

To add on it has high quality mesh material that protects you or your children from direct sunlight, in either way you can reposition it into any style depending on the position of need.

Did you know it’s very simple to drive while the sun shades are installed, you see clearly through them.


  • Enovoe Car Window Sun ShadeWorks even when driving your vehicle
  • Family or passenger friendly
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • High quality mesh material


  • Children easily peel them off
  • On a bumpy road they may fall of

8. Road Charms Car Windshield Sun Shade

If you have a min van or a truck with a large windshield, this is what suites you.

Road charms sun shade is made up of 190T nylon metallic reflective lightweight material that highly prevents UV rays directly inside your auto car. It has two circles of 31”diameter built in inserts to enhance it is nicely stable on the windshield.

Ideally, the unique fact about this sun shade  are the flaps that add more surface area to cover the top, bottom and sides of your windscreen.


  • Road Charms Car Windshield Sun ShadeEasy to fold up and store
  • High quality material
  • Wide coverage
  • Designed for large auto cars


  • Putting it back to its pouch is a task

Car Sunshade Installation Process

  • Open the sun shade, some just pop up automatically.
  • Place the sun shade against the windshield with the silver side facing outside and the black side facing inside. Measuring the size of your windshield before purchasing is important to ensure good coverage when installed and good performance
  • To keep your sunshade in place, pull the sun visors against the windshield to hold up the sun shade is necessary not all require the visors support.

Car Sunshade Fold up Process

  • Fold the sunshade into half and make one circle on top of another.
  • Hold up the two circles and create an eight figure by twisting them, one moving forward and the other backwards
  • Wrap it round using the elastic band and pack it in its storage pouch.

 Final Remarks

Preventive maintenance is better than breakdown maintenance. Experiments have shown that car sunshades actually work. A car will never look old or lose value if it well maintained. The less your car is exposed to sun rays the cooler it becomes.

Grab the most ideal cool car sun shades for your vehicle and enjoy. Let’s take care of our cars and love our drives in there.

Lewis James

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