There is a lot of controversy on the use of car sun shades. But do car sun shades really work? We all dread getting back into the car on hot days.

The dashboard, the steering wheel and the seats sometimes become too hot to touch. This when we start considering acquiring good and cool car sun shades.

Do Car Sun Shades Work?

Studies conducted by University of California have shown that if a car was left in the sun for 1 hour. The car’s dashboard temperatures can reach up to 157 degrees F, the steering wheel up to 127 degrees F while the seats can reach up to 123 degrees F on average.

Having some shade on the windscreen reduces this heating effect.

Car sun shades are said to reduce significantly this heating effect and keep the car cool.

If your question is, do car sun shades work? Yes they do. The majority of shades have a reflective surface which bounces the sunlight rays and thus prevents them from hitting the objects in the car. This prevents the rise of car interior temperatures.

We have personally done an extensive research and here is a highlight of how sun shades work.

What are Car Sun Shades Made Of?

A car sun shade is a protective shield placed on the inside of your car’s window or sunshield to reflect the sun’s rays. They are also known as heat shields, UV shields, or sun shields.

Car sun shades are made from dual layers of mesh material designed to protect from UV light without affecting visibility. The mesh may have a layer of aluminum foil, mylar or nylon material.

Some car sun shades have suction cups in their corners to attach them to the windshield.

How do Car Sun Shades Work?

When you leave you car in the sun, visible light enters through the cars’ windshield. This light is absorbed by objects inside the car. The light is then converted into infrared light.

Infrared light gets blocked by the glass on the windows. The trapped infrared light builds up with time heating up the interior of the car.

Car sun shades have a reflective surface that reflects lights.

When visible light hits the shiny car sun shades, most of it bounces back as visible light meaning it does not get trapped by the glass.

If you are thinking, do I need a sunshade for my car, you ought to know that having a sunshade in your vehicle reduces the amount of visible light that enters your car. This reduces the heat build-up in your car if left in the sun.

Additionally direct sun, can heat up the car’s dashboard. Prolonged exposure to direct sun causes the dashboard to fade and eventually leading to cracks.

Other items left in the car such as laptops or other electronics may also be damaged by direct sun.

Car sun shades reduces direct sun light passing through the windshield protecting the dashboard or electrical devices left in the car.

Lastly, when the infrared light is trapped in the car, it heats up the air in the car which cannot leave. This produces the greenhouse effect. This is dangerous especially to kids and animals if left in the car.

Having a car sun shade reduces direct sun light, reducing the greenhouse effect in cars left in the sun.

 Advantages of Having Car WindShield Shades

Car sun shades are must have for individuals living in areas with strong sunlight. There are several advantages of having a car sun shade in your car including;

  1. Reduces amount of visible light entering the car through the windshield minimizing the heating effect of the sun
  2. Protects the dashboard from direct sun light ensuring longetivity and protecting it from fading and eventually cracking
  3. Protects laptops and other electronics left in the car
  4. Protects passengers from direct UV rays from the sun
  5. Car sun shades can also create a sense of privacy when resting in the car
  6. Car sun shades block most of undesired light including light from other cars and streetlight at night.

What are the best car sun shades in the market?

There are several car sun shades in the market.

mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade

Below is a list of some of the best car sun shades present in the market.

After many hours of testing, we recommend the mAuto Windshield Sunshade as the best car window shade. You can read our full review of these can sun shades here.

The other top brands of car sun shade include;


How can I reduce the heating effect due to sun on the car?

  • Invest in a good car sun shade – car sun shades are made of material that reflects light reducing the amount of visible light absorbed into your car.
  • Pack the car under a shade – parking under a shade shields the car from direct sun light reducing the amount of UV light absorbed into your car.
  • Crack the window – cracking the window a-bit allows air to circulate within the car. Heated air moves out of the car keeping air inside the car the same temperature as the air outside the car
  • Use seat covers – dark seats absorb visible light which is converted into infrared light. Investing in light colored seat covers reduces the amount of visible light absorbed by the seats reducing the heating effect.

Closing Remarks

I hope you will no longer be asking, do car sun shades work.  It is evident car sun shades are made from reflective materials which reflect UV light or visible light. This reduces significantly the amount of light that passes the windshield into the car ultimately reducing the heating effect in a car left in the sun.

Car sun shades are beneficial as they ensure the longevity of the car’s dashboard and seats and protects electronics left in the car from damage by direct sun lights.

Although tedious to place, investing in a good car sun shade such as (insert) will be beneficial for your car as car sun shades work.

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