How to Inflate a Car Tire Without a Pump (It is Possible)

Have you ever thought about how it feels when a car tire goes flat while traveling, home, or in the middle of an adventure? It can be very frustrating and inconveniencing especially when it happens far from a gas station.

Sometime this may occur when you are driving in the wilderness or even in the middle of a highway some distance away from the nearest pump station. How would you handle the situation? This article suggests a few ways to inflate your car tire when you can’t access a pump.

Having the wrong rims when off roading is one cause of tires loosing air. It is thus recommended before anything else to chose the best off roading rims. But in case you lose air, don’t panic.

If you may not have a better lug wrench, compressor, or access to spare parts shop to buy objects required, don’t worry as the solution may be in your car or house. It is possible to pump air to your car tire without a pump. Here are several methods on how to inflate a car tire without a pump.

How to Inflate a Car Tire Without a Pump

Method 1

Using Starter fluid as a car tire inflator

The starter is a flammable liquid that explodes to cause inflation inside the tire. The following are steps to take when using starter fluid to inflate your car tire.

Step 1 -Use a jack to lift the car from the slightly from the ground.

Step 2 – After lifting the car, remove the flatten tire or the tire without enough air from the vehicle.

Step 3 -Put the removed tired on the ground away from your house or garage.

Step 4 -With a lot of care, apply starter fluid around the rim of the said tire.

Step 5 -After ensuring that you have applied starter fluid well, then ignite cautiously.

Step six- Once the tire gets inflated, put off the fire using the best suitable methods.

Method 2

Inflating a car tire with parts cleaner

Step 1. Lift the car using a jack or a crowbar slightly from the ground.

Step 2 -Remove the tire without enough air or the flattened tire from the car.

Step 3 -Place the said tire on the floor some few meters from your house, garage, or your car.

Step 4.-Pick your parts cleaner and apply it around the rim of the detached tire.

Step 5-After, ensuring you have well applied the cleaner, ignite using a candle lighter.

Step 6- Carefully check the tire as it inflates gradually, and once it gets inflated, extinguish the fire immediately using any better means.

Method 3

Inflate the tire using WD40 Multipurpose fluid

WD 40 multipurpose is among the most popularly used flammable agents. It is not a wonder to find it on the shelf of most people’s houses. It can give your tire a little boost to enable you to drive safely to your destination.

Step 1 -Either use a jack, crowbar, or any other tool to lift your car some inches from the ground.

Step 2 – Detach the tire that requires pumping from the car, mainly when you are outdoor.

Step 3 -Place the detached tire on the ground in a safe distance with other items.

Step 4 -Pick your WD40 multipurpose fluid and apply it around the rim of a flat tire.

Step 5 -Ignite the WD40 cautiously using candle lighter.

Step 6- Wait for the tire to inflate. In case the tire inflates, and the fire takes longer to put off, you can extinguish using available fire extinguishers.

The fire is expected to go off immediately when the tire gets enough air using the above three methods.

But what is the science behind these methods?

To help you know how the tire’s inflation is achieved through the mentioned methods, it is wise to understand how a tire and wheel stay together.

The tire beads are made with steel cable fibers to make them healthier while a wheel has little pockets, also known as groove. The tire beads have to lies in the pocket, fixing the tire to the wheel. In case the tire beads move away from the wheel, a problem occurs.

When the tire beads and wheel separate, the tire will start losing air quickly. This means it will be difficult to inflate the tire until both beads are set, and a seal exists between the wheel and the tire. This creates room for the expansion of gases. At this moment, the wheel is sitting on the floor with a loose tire draped around. Both tire beads have become unsettled, and it is impossible to get air on it. The tire sits against the wheel, creating a sort of chamber.

When the tire chamber is sprayed with lighter fluid, the flammable liquid and gas fill the entire chamber. When this fluid is ignited, the gas burns quickly and with immediate expansion. The escaping gas pushes the tire sideways up and out.

When the appropriate quantity of the lighter fluid is applied, the tire beads get back to the wheel and catch the groove. If done correctly, the tire is ready for the journey.


Although the above three methods are suggested solutions when stuck with tire require more air, we kindly advise you to take the following precautions.

  • This method only applies to tubeless tires.
  • Avoid too much flammable liquid to avoid excess fire.
  • Check the pressure level when you arrive nearest gas station to avoid wheel unbalancing.
  • The method may not work if tire beads are broken.
  • Never replace flammable agents with gasoline.
  • Ensure you have totally sealed tire beads if you are using auto or ATV tire.
  • Immediately put off the excess fire to avoid burning rubber parts.

Further, we would like to state that the suggested method does not replace the need to visit your nearest gas station to inflate your wheel with air. The methods are only a lifesaver to help you when stuck as a result of tire lacking air or flattening in the middle of a journey when the nearest gas station is far away, and there are no other means to help you up.

We hope that this article has helped, and if you have any comments or views, please feel free to reach us by writing your feedback below.

Lewis James

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